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Mostly will contain art of original characters, with some splashes of fanart here and there. If you're interested in adopting a character design from me, click the link to the side that says "Adoptables"!

Feel free to send an ask or fanmail my way, I love getting messages and will try to answer any questions I get!

Thanks for dropping by!
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Velvets outfits really cool although i like yours better but you know whatevs

Aaa thank you so much for liking mine! I had a lot of fun designing it so I’m really happy it’s so well-received! 

I hope your velvet design wins i think its the best out of all of them and it fits her well

Waa thank you so much! The winning design was already chosen, though (you can see it announced in the production diary), but aaaa I’m so glad you liked my attempt! (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥

I love your blog and i heard you did some rwby stuff but i couldnt find it would you mind posting a link

aaaa thank you so so much!! Everything RWBY I’ve done can be found here:


waaa THANK YOU AGAIN I’M GLAD YOU ENJOY MY BLOG blushes falls over

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